Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It is hard to explain Houston rain to relatives on the east and west coasts. We don't really have rain, we have sudden and dramatic storms with downpours, temporary flooding, and powerful wind. The satellite goes out, the power often goes out soon after, and lightning crackles in the air. Suddenly, it's all over with just the distant rumble of thunder and big puddles left behind. I always run out to check on the garden, and am amazed at the fortitude of our vegetable plants. In fact, the garden usually looks lush and green after one of these downpours, and the next days bring massive quantities of blooms, especially on the eggplants and beans. Those storms seem to trigger something that I cannot recreate with a garden hose no matter how frequently or deeply I water the plants. I curse the weather every time we lose power or miss a favorite tv show, but at least our plants are happy when it rains.

Last night, we had another brief, intense storm. As predicted, the eggplants and tomatoes are loaded with flowers this morning. The asian greens look like they've grown in just a few hours time, and the basil leaves are ridiculously large. The cucumber vines are flowering abundantly, as are the pepper plants. After the long, hot Labor Day weekend, the garden seems especially grateful for the rain.

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