Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today in the Garden, and The Winner Is...

Ruby Red Swiss Chard
Sage flowering
Bunching Onion, flowering
Parsley, flowering
Tomato, flowering
"Sugary" Tomatoes
"Sweet Million" Tomatoes
Puntarelle, flowering
Merveille des Quatres Saisons (above)
Green Oakleaf (below)
Amish Deer Tongue
Nasturtium, Empress of India
Mache, flowering
Sasai Purple, flowering
Arugula Roquette, flowering
Ladybug larva
Aquadulce Fava Bean
Morning Visitor - Kentucky Warbler

Collards, flowering
Red Pontiac Potato

And the winner of our HOMETOWN SEED GIVEAWAY is Kelly of Vegan Thyme.


Send us your mailing details, and Hometown will send you the Survival Seeds for your vegetable garden.


  1. This is such a wonderful time of year in the garden.I am in Tampa Florida. My kabocha gourds seem to grow in front of my eye. I was surprised to see that you have young lettuce that looks so good. When did you plant those? I had put a planting of transplants of baby Caesar and oriental red curl semi head lettuce about March 1st and they grew quickly and what is left of them are already bolting. What do you find the latest is that you can plant heat tol lettuce varieties. And as always, it is a treat every time I look at your garden.

  2. I am sooo thrilled! Thank you SO much--I've never won a blog contest and for those that I have entered, the one I was "really" pining for were these seeds! After admiring your garden photos, I am even more excited! You have made my day! Hugs to you all!

  3. The lettuces in the pics were all started last fall. We have been starting new lettuces since March, and are enjoying a mild, cool spring so we're reservedly optimistic that we'll be enjoying lettuce for a few more months still. In Houston, though, the weather is always the great unknown. We're trying a few new, heat-tolerant lettuces developed in Asia such as Manoa. Too early to see how they take summer temperatures, but we'll keep you posted.

  4. I am so glad Kelly won! I know she will make good use of them. What a stunning garden you have.

  5. What wonderful pictures!! I also grow rainbow Swiss chard!!

    The garden just looks so beautiful now, doesn't it??

  6. Simply gorgeous.

    I'm envious and a little bit awed.

  7. I love your vegetable garden. Collin and I just bought a house and I finally am able to grow my very own garden. Ever since I was a kid my parents would grow our own vegetables -- nothing beats fresh produce. Once i get started I will definitely be coming to you for tips :)!!!


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