Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today in the Garden

Celery Giant Red
Mung Bean Seedling
Fava Aquadulce
Super Sugar Snap Pea
"Anelino di Trento" Beans
Fennel Florence Finocchio
Burpee's Stringless Beans
Bull's Blood Beet Greens
"Sugary" Tomatoes
"Matt's Wild Cherry" Tomatoes
"Ping Pong" Tomatoes
Lima Bean Jackson Wonder Seedling
Radicchio Castelfranco
Adzuki (Azuki) Bean Seedling
Cauliflower Snowball Self-Blanching
Row of Young Batavian Escarole
Escarole Batavian Starting to Flower
Puntarelle Flowering, with Clematis


  1. I am growing a few of these this year for the first time - fennel and radicchio (mine will be red). Do you have an advice for growing either?

    Also, I had heard of Matt's Wild Cherry tomato, and was curious. Have you ever grown them? Are they really sweet?

  2. One day my garden will look like yours! Maybe I will fly you in when I have a house so you can do it all for me? :)

  3. Wow, so much new life, it's beautiful!

    I have a new friend who likes to eat mung beans often, but she calls them "Green Gram". I realised I am not sure if I'd eaten mung beans before at all, so I googled them and learnt that bean sprouts are from mung beans! I had no idea.


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