Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog Bites

Many of us were saddened by the demise of Gourmet magazine.  Beautiful recipes and pictures for food-obsessed people like us.   Of course, news of declining ad revenue and reduced circulation is familiar.  But we attribute Gourmet's failure in large part to the internet.  To us, the most interesting recipes, content and photographs these days can be found on food blogs.  Bloggers are the new food journalists, intrepid, creative and free of advertisers' requirements. 

We have tried many recipes developed by fellow bloggers, and discovered amazing food as a result.  Sometimes we adhere strictly to the recipe, other times we use the original as inspiration.    We would love to hear about your experiences doing the same, so we are starting a monthly event, Blog Bites, to give everyone an opportunity to post their take on a recipe they've made that originated on a blog.  This will be an opportunity for all of us to find recipes we may have missed, discover new blogs, and to share ideas.

We find Sundays are a great day to get caught up on reading, so Blog Bites will be posted on the first Sunday of each month.  We'd love volunteers to host in future months -- drop us an email if you're interested.  And if you're technical (we aren't), feel free to send any suggestions on how to best display all contributions.

A few requirements:
  • Any recipe is welcome as long as it's vegetarian -- sweet, savory, dessert, bread, salad, entree, beverage, soup, etc.  Nothing against carnivores (our restaurant serves meat, and our son eats pepperoni pizza for breakfast), but this site presents only vegetarian recipes so we want to remain true to our focus.  Future hosts can eliminate that restriction.
  • Submit by January 31st
  • To participate, just post a comment here with the following:  Name of Dish, Brief Description, Name of original blog site, link to your blog entry AND the link to the blog entry from which the recipe originated.   If it's easier, you can e-mail us all the info at vegmatter@gmail.com.
  • Include the tag "Blog Bites" in your post
  • If you don't have a blog, we would still love you to participate.  Just send us all of the above (without a link to your own blog) and add a sentence or two about the dish.
  • We'll post everything on the first Sunday of each month starting in February.
  • If you have a picture of your dish that you'd like to include with the link, send that in jpeg format (less than 500 kb) to vegmatter@gmail.com, referencing your recipe title and blog site.
  • Remain true to the original recipe, or use it as inspiration.  Also feel free to include your improvements or modifications of the original, but please avoid being negative or nasty.  If a recipe just doesn't work (it happens), try a different recipe for this event.



  1. Wow, I have just discovered your blog and love it as it resonates with me. I try to grow my own vegetables on my small plot and then turn them into delicious platefuls of food.

    I am not familiar with the Gourmet magazine, but do think Blog Bites is a grande idea. So I will give it some thought.

  2. i'd love to host in the future!

  3. Awesome idea - I love blog events like this.

  4. What a fun idea, looking forward to the posts!

  5. Great idea. Will definitely participate come February, and would like to throw my hat into the hosting ring as well!

  6. Great idea- I'll bite :)
    Here's my entry: Chocolate-drenched salted peanut cajeta cups- a little dollop of paradise :)
    from David Lebovitz original: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives/2009/07/chocolate-covered_salted_peanut.html

  7. I love the idea of this blog event. I hope I can find the time to participate. I've just started Winter quarter and I have a lot of work for school. I'll give it some thought and come back to it on the weekend.


  8. ooh great idea! I'm participating, hopefully will be hosting as well :)

  9. I'd love to participate!! My entry:

    Mushroom and Mozzarella Toasts, original recipe from SunnySideUpRecipes.
    Link to my recipe: http://www.russianseason.net/index.php/2009/12/sunny’s-mushroom-and-mozzarella-toasts/
    Link to original recipe: http://www.sunnysideuprecipes.com/2009/11/baby-portabella-mozzerella-on-mini.html

  10. Excellent idea, will certainly try to remember about it next time I'm borrowing blog ideas!

  11. great idea! I actually just posted a vegetarian recipe today!

  12. This is a fantastic idea! Great to get everyone involved. I will definitely be participating and would love to host one of these days as well. I'll be digging up some of my favorited blog posts to think of what I can make!

  13. I would love to participate!
    Roasted Red Pepper Soup adapted from Eat Clean Diet Cookbook


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