Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flatbread with Broccoli Rabe (Rapini) and Manchego

This flatbread can be made as spicy or mild as you like.  The strong flavors of manchego and broccoli rabe lend themselves to the addition of red chile flakes (or finely chopped dried chile peppers if you have some left from last summer).   If you follow the recipe as written, the flatbread won't be spicy at all, just full of bold flavors.  But if you want some heat, adjust accordingly.  The recipe also prepares more broccoli rabe than required for the flatbread.  We served the extra on the side, but you could always cook less if you only want enough for the flatbread.

Flatbread with Broccoli Rabe and Manchego


1                     flatbread dough
1                     garlic clove, sliced thinly
1/4      tsp        red chile flakes, plus more to taste
1                     broccoli rabe (rapini) head, cut into florets
2        oz          manchego, sliced with peeler
                       olive oil
                       sea salt and black pepper

  1. Heat oven and pizza stone to 500° for 1 hour.
  2. Remove flatbread dough from refrigerator to rest at room temperature for 15 minutes.
  3. Blanch broccoli rabe in salted boiling water, then drain.
  4. Heat 2 Tbs olive oil over medium, add garlic and chile and cook for one minute.  Add broccoli rabe and cook until starting to soften.  Add sea salt to taste, cook one more minute, remove from heat.
  5. Roll dough out on well-floured surface to 8" across.
  6. Spread thin layer of olive oil on flatbread dough.  Add cheese, then broccoli rabe (you may have extra), then more cheese.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and a little more red chile flakes.
  7. Bake until done, about 5 minutes.
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    1. Man, am I loving your flatbread phase!

    2. This looks amazing! I am into the bread thing big time right now, too--quite impressed with your creations! Word has it that The Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day authors will publish a new book (I think next year): Flatbreads and Pizzas in Five! Look out--more bread making ahead!

    3. Delish! A long as you are on a flat-bread roll, have you tried thinly sliced potatoes, red onion and capers with some milder white cheese? That's pretty good too. I like your dough recipe. Thanks!

    4. I've got to love this, with Manchego in it... ;-)

    5. This looks incredible! I might have to make something similar this week...

    6. oh yeah, baby- now I'm going to have to go out for dinner tonight so I can get flatbread- not enough time to make dough! this looks so amazingly good i'm not even going to think about adding smoky spanish chorizo to it to pair with the manchego- i will in fact attempt to recreate it as is next time i find myself elbows deep in dough!

    7. I have a lot of broccoli rabe in the fridge. That's a super idea. :D

    8. It looks very healthy and yummy.

    9. Oh my god Robin.

      I think we're going to have to do an exchange. I'm calling Fed-Ex right now.

    10. Very healthy...would love to try it on fat days:P

    11. Manchego is hands-down one of my favorite cheeses. I love the pairing with the bitter broccoli rabe. Loving the flavors and the presentation. Cheers!

    12. I think I've gained 5 lbs just reading all about your yummy flatbreads. Everything sounds so good. I love this combo!

    13. How wonderful! Have you frozen the flatbread in the past? I freeze extra pita bread at times, so it would probably do fine.

    14. Anything with manchego in/on it is awesome. Your flatbread recipe looks so easy I think I'm going to have to make it!

    15. Wonderful looking and sounding. I'm gonna go for it. Love it, love it.... I do sandwiches on my blog, nothing serious, but lots of fun. I am now following you. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)


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